Creole Cuisine

Mixed of African and European cuisines influenced by Asia and Reunion island Creole cuisine is a wonderful and colorful melting pot .

One of his specialties is the most popular deer stew , because there’s deer in Mauritius , brought ​​by the Dutch there’s a long time ago. This dish is pretty close to the hunting we eat in europe but with chili a small local touch.

Another great classic Creole cuisine : the Rougail , a kind of stew with tomato sauce which, as curry is prepared with an infinity of ingredients the best known being certainly Rougail  of sausage  and Shrimp Rougail but there is also the eggs or meat Rougail.

Creole Cuisine is above all a family cuisine.  There are not many restaurants that serve it exclusively, often there is a mix of three cuisine a bit of curry, a bit of rougail and fried noodles.

But we can name La Bonne Marmite restaurant in Port- Louis , which is a good ambassador of this tasty and original cuisine.

List of recipes of Creole Cuisine

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One comment to “Creole Cuisine”

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