Indian Cusine

The Indian cuisine is very present in Mauritius, since nearly 70 % of the population of the island is native to southern India, migrant workers came to work in the cane fields following the abolition of slavery by England.

These workers have brought ​​their curries in their luggage , their different cakes : Roti , dhall – puri, puri (ti -puri ) and some of their desserts that have become classics of the Mauritian cuisine . This legacy has spread throughout the island and there are many restaurants and snacks that sells roti accompanied by curry.

Classical Indo- Mauritian meal consists of a curry, it may be vegetarian like fricassé giromon, brede songe and rougaille (tomato stew) , or shellfish like shrimp curry or meat such as lamb curry, white rice, a Roti , complete with a chutney, often with tomatoes, and a small green salad, carrots salad or cucumber salad to bring freshness.

Another classic Indian cuisine which has become a specialty of Mauritius is Briani , a rice dish in which the rice, spices , vegetables and even meat are cooked together in a deck, essential accessory for a good briani.

A special feature of the Indian cuisine is that it offers many desserts, often dripping with sugar and sweet drinks like Lassis, whereas other maurtian cuisine don’t have much sweet dishes.

List of recipes for Indian cusine

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One comment to “Indian Cusine”

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