The Mauritian Cuisine

A little history

Mauritius cuisine has a 300 years history, with a multitude of influences brought by the people who settled there over time .

Deer, sugar cane , fruits such as tamarind, were brought by the Dutch, settled during the 17th century. French settlers left their cooking methods , “daube” and “civet” (stew), rehabilitated by local since. Also, the intendant Pierre Poivre brought many spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves .

Around 1830, English settlers decided to use Indian workers to plow the fields of sugar cane. They brought their culinary methods, the famous curry, now called “cari”, and the Briani, a traditional dish of the Muslim community.

Chinese immigration, mostly from Canton in turn enriched the Mauritian cuisine by introducing wok cooking and multiple sauces like soy sauce. Besides, what would be the Mauritian cuisine without our traditional fried rice, fried noodles, inverted bowl and boiled noodle.

All these influences have given rise to a rich, varied and above all exceptional cuisine.

Recipes lists

Here is our list of recipes of Mauritian appetizers and entries also known as Gadjaks:

Here is our list of main dishes also known as “cari” :

Here is our list of sides dishes and chutneys :

Here is our list of our Mauritian dessert :

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